Re: [cssom] Proposing a getDefaultComputedStyle method

> On 10/12/12 11:23 PM, "Mike Sherov" <> wrote:
>> The use case here is $(elem).show() when the author rules say the CSS
>> display value is "none". What CSS display value should be added?
>> Without keeping a large map of elements to default value, its
>> impossible to say without jumping through hoops.
> That's the only use case I've seen for this so far.
>> We even have several tickets dedicated to working around the issue be
>> using the .hidden property of the element, but that'll be a dead end
>> too.
> How does the hidden property not solve it?

Authors can do:
li {display:none}

And in this case, it doesn't matter what the elements .hidden property
is, it's not going to be displayed unless you add an inline style of

If the value of display:default is equivalent, awesome.

> --tobie

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