Re: Alternative Style Sheets

Le Ven 12 octobre 2012 6:54, Anton Prowse a écrit :

> The point is, you don't know whether it's even worth looking in the
> menu.


> What's missing is some UI to notify the user that there is an
> alternative stylesheet available. That's what makes the thing fairly
> useless in practice, IMO.

I agree. Noticeability (or discoverability) matters here.

Since alternate stylesheets are truly about each individual visited sites,
then it should not be accessible/reachable from the View menu. Chrome
Style Chooser [1] displays an icon in the address bar if and only if
alternate stylesheets are available for the current URL: I think this is
elegant and meaningful, relevant usability.

[1]: "Style Chooser" extension (now at version 1.2)

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