Re: position: pointer

|  Huh?  Abspos and fixpos are identical in their layout effects.  Fixpos
|  just uses the window as its position reference, rather than an
|  element.

Wait, what? Not at all.

If a fixed element is outside the viewport, it doesn't force a scrollbar, an 
absolute one does. Also, fixed elements can't possibly trigger overflow on a 
parent "position: absolute" element (so it's safe to assume that changing 
its location via top/left/... doesn't require a relayout of any other 
element). I would say "position: pointer" elements should behave like 
"position: fixed".

Also, a "position: pointer" element should be able to be drawn accros the 
browser's window boundaries (like IE's createPopup). 

Received on Monday, 8 October 2012 21:29:21 UTC