Re: inline-block baseline

On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 11:02 AM, Tony Chang <> wrote:
> What is the baseline of an inline-block with a flexbox in it?  I see 3
> possibilities:
> 1) The baseline is the last line box in the flexbox.  This seems to be what
> the last sentence here says:
> 2) The baseline is the bottom of the flexbox.  This would match the behavior
> of tables.  Example:
> 3) The baseline is the baseline of the flexbox.
> This came up in WebKit because the <input type="month"> picker uses a
> horizontal flexbox to hold the date components and center them vertically.
> If the expected behavior is 1 or 3, the input will baseline align
> automatically so I would probably lean towards either of those.  I'm not
> sure what use cases there are to prefer one over the other.

I don't think that baseline-determination should reach farther than
necessary.  Since a flexbox knows what its baseline is, I think the
inline-block should just use that.


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