Re: [css3-lists] marker-side vs. marker-direction

On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 9:47 AM, fantasai <> wrote:
> The 'marker-side' property in CSS3 Lists as added in response to feedback
> from i18n indicating that the CSS2.1 behavior is not ideal in cases where
> the list item's content changes directionality. See these 2010 F2F minutes
> wrt CSS2.1 issues for background:
> The current draft includes a 'marker-side' property to address this:
>   marker-side: list-item | list-container
> But I think this isn't quite what we want: it doesn't address the base
> directionality of the marker. If the marker is associated with the list,
> not the list item, then its base directionality also needs to be taken
> from the list, and not the list item. Otherwise any leading/trailing
> punctuation may wind up in the wrong order. So it isn't a question of
> the marker's "side" so much as its "direction". In which case maybe the
> property should be 'marker-direction: match-self | match-parent'.

Good point.

> A second issue is what should happen for markers with 'list-style-position:
> inside'. Should they ignore this property? Or should they honor it somehow?
> If so, how? Does it affect their base directionality only, or does it also
> affect their position, placing them at the end of the line instead of the
> start, if necessary? I have no idea about this, maybe Aharon can chime in...

My initial thoughts are that it should have no effect on inline
markers.  Those are intrinsically part of the list item's content, not
the list container.


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