Re: [css3][background] background-size as the background shorthand

On 10/4/12 8:50 AM, Sebastian Zartner wrote:
>     Then, it was applied to the Webkit several months ago.
>     (
> Just want to note that serialization of background-size was also
> implemented in the Mozilla core last week[1].

That's a completely separate issue.  That patch allowed _setting_ 
background-size explicitly with the "background" shorthand.

The WebKit issue is that unlike everyone else, who had "background" 
without background-size specified resetting background-size to default, 
WebKit was not doing that until recently.  So there are sites that have 
WebKit-specific styles that assume that behavior.

But the proposal here seems to be that WebKit keeps its behavior, while 
everyone else changes the behavior they have had all along.  Which might 
prevent some compat issues for WebKit (maybe; see Francois' post), but 
would cause compat issues for everyone else.  It's not clear to me why 
this is desirable.

> Is backward-compatibility for incorrect usage of the background-size
> (it's obvious that background-size would be part of the background
> shorthand property sooner or later) really such a strong argument here?

Well, it is if you're WebKit.... ;)


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