Re: Text anti-aliasing on the Mac

On 03/10/12 1:25 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

> According to the implementor that did the Chrome 22 change, you're
> wrong, John.  The glyph dilation occurs as a result of OXS's
> auto-hinting.  Here's his exact words:

>> This is not true. The OSX rasterization is not actually any
>> heavier, they actually do auto-hint the outlines to dilate them.
>> This is auto-hinting. You can't obtain the auto-hinted outlines,
>> but those dilated outlines are what is being rasterized. Saying
>> otherwise is completely disingenuous. Basically, when you ask
>> for lcd smoothed text from CoreGraphics, you get fake bold.

I'd like a bit more detail to confirm what 'auto-hint the outlines' 
means in this context. Is Apple actually writing on-the-fly TrueType 
instruction set code, or are they applying some kind of algorithmic 
emboldening or smear to the outlines? The latter isn't what we normally 
think of as hinting, although both involve outline distortion relative 
to the raster grid.


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