Re: [css3-fonts][css-variables][css-counter-styles-3][css3-values] Case sensitivity of user-defined identifiers

|  Ah, because variable names are property _names_, not property _values_?

Actually, they are both.

Following the [css-variables] draft:

    :root {
        var-link-color: red;
        var-link-decoration: underline;
    :link {
        color: var(link-color);
        text-decoration: var(link-decoration);

Follow the [css-custom] draft:

    :root {
        my-link-color: red;
        my-link-decoration: underline;
    :link {
        color: use(my-link-color);
        text-decoration: use(my-link-decoration);

|  > In HTML, user-defined attributes seems to be case-insenstive for Latin1
|  > at least (tested in IE9, Chrome 24) :
|  >
|  >     document.body.setAttribute("â", true); 
|  Per HTML5 spec, and in Gecko, this returns null.

You're the only browser to do so. Tested in Opera, it returns "true" too. 
Time to change the spec?

Anyway, I don't expect ppl to use non-ASCII idents. We could even make that 
compulsory to make sure. 

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