Re: [css3-flexbox] Computing the height of an auto-sized multicol element in a flex container

On 10/01/2012 03:31 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> So, if I'm thinking about this correctly, the right behavior (assuming
> we define width:max-content on multicols in a reasonable way) is
> neither Firefox nor Webkit's behavior.  Webkit's behavior in
> "align-self:stretch" is correct, but its "align-self: flex-end"
> behavior is wrong - it should be the width of four columns, not one.

So we split into as many columns as we possibly can?  Suppose we had 100
lines of text (separated by <br>, say) in a floated auto-sized element
with "column-width" set.  Should we split it into 100 columns?  I don't
think that makes sense.

> I don't think making all of them be 1 column wide and 4 lines tall is
> justifiable - I think it implies a definition of "width: max-content;"
> on multicol elements that is undesirable.

I actually think that's a reasonable definition of "width: max-content"
for multicol elements, and it matches the rough definition of
"max-content" in the writing-modes spec. ("...the narrowest measure a
box could take while fitting around its contents  if none of the
optional line break opportunities within the box were taken.")
[ref: ]

That's why I think relying on "fill-available" for stretched flex items
might be better, when we know we're going to be stretching an item
beyond its max-content size.  (see my second post on this thread -- I
initially said "fit-content", but I think I meant to say "fill-available")


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