Re: [css3-fonts][css-variables][css-counter-styles-3][css3-values] Case sensitivity of user-defined identifiers

On 9/30/12 10:59 PM, John Daggett wrote:
> However, lookups done using document.getElementById are case *insensitive*.

They sure shouldn't be!  Where are he case insensitive?

> So I think we should stick with (1) and not try to create new additional casing
> rules.  I'm not suggesting this is ideal but I think the "ideal" way of using
> normalization and full case mapping needs to first be addressed in a web-wide way
> rather than just within CSS.

For what it's worth, the "case insensitive" parts of HTML use ASCII case 
insensitivity.  But they only apply to a limited set of identifiers. 
For anything where user-provided stuff is used, HTML is case-sensitive. 
  An exception is quirks mode, where some things like id and class 
matching for CSS are ASCII case-insensitive.

And I think (1) would be fine by me.


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