Re: [css3-multicol] unknown available width and shrink-to-fit

Also sprach Simon Sapin:

 > > It seems that the differences you get is due to
 > >
 > >   - [...]
 > >   - testing the shrink-to-fit algorithm  (which isn't descibed in the multicol spec)
 > Yes, this is exactly my point. There is no interop on shrink-to-fit. If 
 > we define shrink-to-fit elsewhere, then some parts of the algorithm 
 > become redundant and should be removed.

Multicol is in CR, so the cost of changing it is high. To me it seems
that the work on defining shrink-to-fit can proceed without any
changes to multicol.

 > > Here are some tests that only tests what's described in the multicol
 > > spec itself.
 > >
 > >
 > >
 > > For these, I get interoperability between three shipping
 > > implementations: IE, Opera, Prince.
 > I believe that this behavior is unchanged with my proposal. 

That's good. 

 > This is all  about how we split up specs.

It's rather not change the demarcation lines between multicol and
other specs at this stage.


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