NUMBER vs <number>

On Sunday 06 May 2012 23:17:39 fantasai wrote:

>    - RESOLVED: include sign in NUMBER, PERCENTAGE, DIMENSION tokens
> in 2.1

I think there is an error in the minutes here (And I know I was taking 
minutes at that time: Sorry for confusing tokens and types. :-( )

The issue was about whether comments and spaces are allowed after the 
sign in property values that are defined as <number>, <length> or 
<percentage>, i.e.:

    margin: -22em
    margin: -/*negative*/22em

(It is not about whether signs are allowed; they already are.) css3-
values says that the sign must *immediately* precede the digits, but 
CSS 2.1 omits that word. We concluded that 2.1 should be changed.

So the actual edit to CSS 2.1 is easy, I think: just add that word 
"immediately" that css3-values already has. It goes into section 4.3.1.

I'm not sure if this counts as a change or a clarification. For now, 
I've marked it as a change in the errata[1].


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