[css3-values] Disposition of Comments, remaining issues, and moving to CR

Tab and I just finished the last few outstanding edits into the editor's draft:
And updated the Disposition of Comments, here:

We'd like to take this spec to CR next week, if possible.

There are four open issues for WG resolution, all with proposals. They are highlighted
in the issues list, but I will summarize them here as well:

   Define always-invalid URL as fallback value for attr(foo url)
   Proposal: Return about:invalid, which is not a valid about: URL. :)

   Define required precision
   Proposal: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2012Jun/0682.html
   Alternatively, we can defer this issue to Level 4.

   Normalization of <custom-ident>
   Proposal: Defer to level 4. Alternatively, make <custom-ident> compute to NFC form.

   Case-sensitivity of <custom-ident> and UA-defined keywords
   Join the thread!
   This is loaded into the wiki at

Please take some time to figure out your opinion about these issues
over the course of the next week. :)


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