Re: [CSS21] The 'clear' property on table wrappers.

On Tuesday 2012-06-05 18:11 +0200, Simon Sapin wrote:
> Elements with 'display: table' generate two boxes: a table wrapper
> box and a table box.
> 17.4 explains how the computed values on the element are distributed
> to the two boxes:
> >The computed values of properties 'position', 'float', 'margin-*',
> >'top', 'right', 'bottom', and 'left' on the table element are used on
> >the table wrapper box and not the table box; all other values of
> >non-inheritable properties are used on the table box and not the
> >table wrapper box.
> In a previous email, I already reported that 'z-index' should be
> added to the list of properties that are used on the table wrapper
> box and not the table box. I just found that this is the case for
> 'clear' as well:
> If 'clear' is to have an effect, the table and its captions (if any)
> should stay together and not be separated by clearance.

In Gecko, in addition to all of the above, we also propagate the
following to the table wrapper box:

page-break-before and page-break-after (probably page-break-inside
too if we implemented it)

vertical-align (for inline-table)
line-height (for vertical-align on inline-table)

transform and transform-origin (for

backface-visibility (for

(Though we also have some known problems with transforms and
tables, so that's not really sufficient for the issue.)

The relevant code is (version as of today):
or (permanently current version):


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