Re: [css-regions] Concern about CSS regions flowing into generated content

On 7/26/12 6:49 PM, "Elliott Sprehn" <> wrote:

>Generated content is restricted to an extremely limited subset of things
>right now (plain text, images, quotes and counters). Regions specifically
>calls out generated content as being a possible part of a named flow, but
>this means anything could potentially end up inside generated content
>(links, form controls, etc.).
>Can someone give a use case for this?


There are two ways that generated content interacts with named flows and
regions. First, an element can be redirected to a named flow. The
generated content associated with that element will be rendered in the
region chain along with the element. Second, a CSS Region itself may have
generated content, and section 5 describes how that content interacts with
the named flow content in the Region Box. In both of those cases,
generated content is limited to the current set of possibilities, so I do
not think that is what you're asking about.

The flow-from property applies to non-replaced block containers. A
::before pseudo-element with display:block could have flow-from apply. In
this case, generated content for the pseudo-element is not visually
formatted, and we merely use the CSS-generated box from the pseudo-element
as part of the region chain. That's the use case - defining a box in CSS
rather than a box from an HTML element to use as a CSS Region.

So the fragment of the named flow that flows through the pseudo-element
box isn't "inside" the generated content. It's only "inside" the
CSS-generated box, and the pseudo-element's generated content is not
displayed. Does this address your concern?



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