Re: [css3-transforms] interpolation of transform lists

On 27/07/2012, at 9:12 AM, Dirk Schulze <> wrote:

>> This is what WebKit currently implements. I do not see any reason to make it more restrictive than that. If the two lists match item for item, then interpolate between each item separately. This includes perspective().
> Ok, but for the example where both list have: 'perspective() matrix3d()' it means that we decompose matrices individually and interpolate them individually, which leads to less performance.

Yeah. But I don't think it's a big deal.

>> I think the only thing we need to decide now is whether or not we should allow translateX() to match against translate(), and so on. Currently WebKit does not support this.
> The current spec defines which values can be animated together and how to do it. translateX() is a derivative of the primitive  translate(). Therefore both can be animated together.

Right, sorry. I should have worded that along the lines of WebKit's implementation, not what the spec currently says.

>> Maybe rotate3d() <-> rotateX/Y/Z is controversial. I don't know.
> We have a request from authors to do that. IMO it makes some sense if both are rotating around the same axis (like rotate3d(1,0,0,45deg) and rotateX(45deg) but not rotate3d(0,0,1) and rotateX(45deg)). But I don't think that it is implemented somewhere.

I don't think we should add special cases like that. It's either in or out.

BTW  - how are we going to handle the fact that browsers have unprefixed their implementations?


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