Re: [css3-images] “image-orientation” property

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 5:16 PM, Jens O. Meiert <> wrote:
> Could somebody share more about the estimated relevance and usefulness
> of “image-orientation” [1]?
> To me it looks like the property is trying to address an issue best
> solved by camera software (as well as photo editing software), and
> that it hence adds unnecessary complexity for little value, but I’d
> like to be proven wrong. :)

The version of the property in Images 3 isn't overly useful.  It's
included as it documents an existing feature that CSS-based printers
implemented unprefixed.

Images 4 will add a "from-image" value that respects EXIF values,
since browsers are forced to ignore EXIF by default, and this causes a
lot of images on the web to be rotated wrongly.


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