Re: [css3-speech] “neutral” voice

> I have always interpreted the 'neutral' value as "if possible, pick a
> voice that doesn't sound male or female in an obvious manner. Note that 
> this may select a more robotic voice, or for example a human-sounding 
> stylised voice".

That is what I was thinking of.

> there is no point speccing 'neutral' to mean 'a human-sounding voice of 
> indeterminate gender' if that it is not what how they interpret it. It 
> seems like we are paving the cowpaths somewhat here, and need to respect 
> how the existing implementations behave, even if it isn't necessarily 
> what we would prefer given a free-hand.

Of course existing implementations have to be considered. So Daniel's interpretation sounds fine to me.
When speccing this I would just mention that a more human-sounding voice is is preferred over an artificial or robotic voice.


Received on Tuesday, 24 July 2012 09:44:27 UTC