Re: [css3-break] Comments on possible break points (section 4.1)

On 03/16/2012 11:02 AM, Vincent Hardy wrote:
> Hello,
> In section 4.1, the possible break points section says things like, about sibling boxes:
> "when the block flow direction of the sibling's parent is parallel "
> This refers to a notion of parent for layout boxes. I think this should be defined in the spec. In particular, in the case of regions, the content of a named flow does not necessarily have a common parent. We can have elemA and elemB moved to a named flow and they do not share a common parent. When laying them out, they will generate boxA and boxB. In that context, I think we should clarify that they are still sibling boxes for the purpose of layout and say that the block flow direction that is used is that of the first region (see section 4.1 of the regions draft,, note on writing mode).

We tried to work around this by using "containing block" instead of "parent".
If that's not sufficient, then perhaps Regions needs to define that the
contents of a flow are wrapped in an anonymous box (and define what properties
that box has). Various other aspects of layout are not well-defined if this is
not done; it's not an issue specific to fragmentation.

Wrt defining whether the boxes in a region flow are siblings: I believe that
is certainly the job of Regions and not of fragmentation.


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