Re: [css3-fonts] default font features

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 10:10 PM, Sergey Malkin <>wrote:

>   Pulling shaping data like kerning from the font is not expensive.
> Expensive is finding right line break, and this can’t be achieved easily at
> the same speed as simple text layout pass. I just made quick measurements
> and Firefox is about 3 times slower than IE’s simple mode.

I believe you ... but what exactly did you measure?

As I understand, Firefox will turn on kerning depending on font size.

That was an old "simple mode" that we have since removed (after doing some
performance measurements of the impact). We do kerning at all font sizes

How CSS would classify this behavior, can this be acceptable under ‘normal’
> value? Similar question about ligatures. I think InDesign automatically
> disabled ligatures if tracking was greater than 0.25em. Would this
> acceptable under ‘normal’?

If CSS 'letter-spacing' is greater than zero, we disable discretionary
ligatures, because it seems safe to assume that matches the author's
intent. That behavior could (and I think should) be written into the spec.

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