Re: [CSS2.1][CSSOM] "Used Value" and "auto"

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 3:43 PM, Mike Sherov <> wrote:

> I can discuss this all day! A few browsers still return "auto" for "auto"
> margins, and a few return "normal" for letterSpacing, font-weight, etc.
> The definition of the computed value for these properties isn't as
> important as specifying that resolved value for these properties is used
> value, and that used value is a number.
> What can I do to help, if this is a direction we want to go in, besides
> for just filing bugs against the browsers to this effect?

Thanks Mike, and please do continue reporting/filing bugs against the specs
and the implementations so we can improve interoperability. I would also
encourage you to submit tests as described at [1].


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