Re: [css3-lists] Khmer consonants as list markers

On Thu, July 5, 2012 12:21 am, fantasai wrote:
> On 07/04/2012 02:01 PM, Tony Graham wrote:
>> My understanding is that an Khmer consonantal list style would be used
>> by
>> Khmer speakers if it were available to them [5].
>> Can/should it be added to a future draft of css3-lists?
> Seems reasonable to me. Can you put together an @counter-style rule for
> Tab
> to copy? (You'll also want to check with Khmer speakers as to what the
> correct
> behavior is once you get to the end of the alphabet.)

Based on feedback from Sovann Heng (ហេង
សុវណ្ណ) and Danh Hong, the proposed
@counter-style rule is:

@counter-style khmer-consonant {
        type: alphabetic;
        glyphs: '\1780' '\1781' '\1782' '\1783' '\1784' '\1785' '\1786'
'\1788' '\1789' '\178A' '\178B' '\178C' '\178D' '\178E' '\178F' '\1790'
'\1791' '\1792' '\1793' '\1794' '\1795' '\1796' '\1797' '\1798' '\1799'
'\179A' '\179B' '\179C' '\179F' '\17A0' '\17A1' '\17A2';
        /* 'ក' 'ខ' 'គ' 'ឃ' 'ង' 'ច'
'ជ' 'ឈ' 'ញ' 'ដ' 'ឋ' 'ឌ' 'ឍ'
'ណ' 'ត' 'ថ' 'ទ' 'ធ' 'ន' 'ប'
'ផ' 'ព' 'ភ' 'ម' 'យ' 'រ' 'ល'
'វ' 'ស' 'ហ' 'ឡ' 'អ' */

The current css3-lists draft is inconsistent (or so it seems to me) in its
use of 'consonant' or 'consonants' (and with 'syllable' or 'syllables')
for list styles associated with Korean, but the stated preference was to
name it 'khmer-consonant'.

I don't know whether there would also be an identical
'cambodian-consonant' since there are identical 'khmer' and 'cambodian'
rules in the current WD.

The sequence is the same as the sequence of the Khmer consonants in the
Unicode Standard up to and including U+17A2, អ (KHMER LETTER QA),
with the omission of U+179D, ឝ (KHMER LETTER SHA), and U+179E,
ឞ (KHMER LETTER SSO) which, as the Unicode Standard notes and a
Khmer speaker confirmed, are used only for Pali/Sanskrit transliteration.

The attached PDF from Sovann Heng shows the 'alphabetic'-like behaviour
expected when the list exceeds 33 items.


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