Re: [CSS2.1][CSSOM] "Used Value" and "auto"

On 7/12/12 2:35 AM, Mike Sherov wrote:
> I'm working with Ryosuke Niwa on correcting the behavior of
> getComputedStyle(elem).top/left/right/bottom

Note that right now the current CSSOM draft says that for 
top/left/right/bottom the computed value is returned, not the used value.

So if you want to convert percentages to pixels, you also need to change 
the definition of resolved value to move top/left/right/bottom into the 
used value bucket.

But yes, "auto" is never a used value for top/left/right/bottom for 
positioned things, as far as I can tell.  Though CSS2.1 sure could be 
clearer about used values in general...


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