Re: [CSS21] border-collapse with rowspan or colspan

Le Mar 10 juillet 2012 11:37, Simon Sapin a écrit :
> Le 10/07/2012 17:09, "Gérard Talbot" a écrit :
>> There seems to be a problem with that test. How many columns does (or
>> should) that table have? It seems there is 3 columns (from looking at
>> 2nd
>> row) but the first row uses only 2 columns.
>>> WebKit, Gecko and Opera give three different renderings,
>> If the table is wrongly/imbalancely designed, then different renderings
>> is
>> to be expected.
> I think that the table should have three column with the first row being
> incomplete. Having incomplete rows is generally not a problem, my point
> is not there.

Well, in some cases, incomplete rows creates problems:

If a subsequent row has more columns than the greater of the number
determined by the table-column elements and the number determined by the
first row, then additional columns may not be rendered. CSS 2.1 does not
define the width of the columns and the table if they are rendered. When
using 'table-layout: fixed', authors should not omit columns from the
first row.
" Fixed table layout

> Here is a revised test case:
> Remove the D cell. The table is now nicely filled, properly two-column.
> The initial problem remains: three engines give three different results.
> I’m interested in the left border of the A cell: what should be drawn
> and how should the cell’s content be positioned?

Firefox 13.0.1 renders this correctly, I'd say. The thicker border wins
over the thin blue border. The A is vertically centered in the rowspanned

Chrome 20.0.1132.47 and Opera 12.0 are incorrect.

> Since A has rowspan=2, the border conflict resolution can give two
> different results for the top and bottom half of A’s left border.

IMO, top half of A's left border should be thin blue. Bottom half of A's
left border should be thick red.

> Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that the WG knows that the issue
> exists. The problematic case are IMO not something authors would want to
> do


> , so I don’t really care if this is fixed.

Agreed here too. This is an edge (or extreme) case.

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