Re: [css3-flexbox][css-ALL] Should z-index Just Work on flex items?

(12/07/10 2:05), Sylvain Galineau wrote:
> [Simon Fraser:] 
>>> 3. An element with 'inline-block'
>>> and probably more. Apparently, this needs compatibility research...
>>> Or is there a good reason why we should start with flex items?
>> I've seen plenty of content with z-index on things that are not
>> positioned, so making changes like this will likely break content.
> +1. Being 'aggressive' here assumes authors understand and use z-index
> properly. Many do not.

I am just trying to get a reason why we want to start with flex items.
When I list these examples, I am thinking about treating them separately
and only act if we are confident that we won't break things.

Baseline: Should we do this for flex containers, too?


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