Re: [css3-lists] Where can the counter() function be used?

On 7/9/12 3:16 AM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> One way this could be solved would be to allow math on counter values
> (which are just integers), such as allowing the counter() function
> inside of calc().  Then you could write your use-case as:
> animation-delay: calc(counter(delay-timer) * 1s);

I must be missing something.

Counter values depend on whether boxes are present or not, no?

It seems pretty odd to me to require that values of some properties 
depend on whether some completely unrelated boxes far away in the DOM 
are present.  It might also be somewhat difficult to implement correctly 
in the face of dynamic changes.


P.S.  Note that "boxes are present" does not actually map directly to 
computed display values, by the way.  It probably does map to used 
display values...

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