Re: [css3-images] Image Fragments and SVG URIs

On Fri, 2012-07-06 at 09:50 +1000, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Liam R E Quin:
> > It's not really clear to me how to interpret (x, y, w, h) for SVG either
> [...]

>  Making that clear would presumably also be a change to SVG.
> We discussed in the SVG telcon today broadening SVG's id="" to allow 
> values other than XML Names, to align with HTML.  That would mean we 
> would need to special case media fragment syntax and SVG view 
> specifications not to be interpreted as IDs, but I think that would be fine.

It makes sense, although watch that people could use xpointer in
fragment identifiers.

> I don't think media fragments would "supersede" SVG, since we still need 
> #svgView(...) to work.  So the SVG spec will need to be updated to 
> ensure we choose between interpreting the fragment as an SVG view 
> specification, a media fragment, or an ID.  (Regardless of whether we 
> need to update the media type registration.)


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