Re: [css3-values] Disposition of Comments, remaining issues, and moving to CR

(12/07/04 23:06), Florian Rivoal wrote:
> The minutes are shorter than the actual discussion, but my recollection
> was: if we were open to having bare parens do what calc do today, then
> nesting bare parens would be an option. However, dropping calc in favour
> of bare parens is not on the table, so nesting calc makes more sense.
> The bare parens instead of calc is an old discussion that was decided in
> favour of calc a long time ago, and we are not reopening it.

But the "bare parents instead of calc" idea was part of proposal 2. when
the issues came up [1] (so I am not sure why it's not on the table). If
the resolution is "we discussed this before" then I will appreciate a
pointer to the previous discussion so we can evaluate if the rationale
applies to the current situation or not. I searched "bare paren" and
"bare" in www-style with no good luck so far.

> At least that's the way I remember how the meeting went.

Thanks for your information!



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