RE: [css3-writing-modes] vertical orientation and UTR50

> I don't think there's a need for a separate HO property and have posted a message
> in the UTR50 forum stating this. [1]  In fact, there's no role for HO in defining the
> behavior of the 'text-orientation' property since this property only affects vertical
> runs, *not* horizontal runs.  So the sentence starting with "The one exception..." can
> be omitted entirely.  In vertical runs, Mongolian and Phags-pa are displayed upright,
> just as the MVO/SVO reflects.

Well, you know far more on Mongolian than I do, so I'd like to trust you, but other two I also trust -- Laurentiau and fantasai think Mongolian and Phags-pa should be rendered rotated, so I hope you can find a consensus in the forum. I guess it's just difference of visual orientations and rendering orientations, maybe wrong, but it's a UTC's issue.

HO was resolved on the last UTC conference, it may not survive as you say, but we can remove from our spec if they were removed from UTR#50. We were there too, and supported the resolution, so not using HO looks strange to me. I was ok either if it was an informative text, but if the text is normative, I think we should follow UTC's resolution.

> The spec needs to normatively refer to MVO and SVO (*not* derived
> properties) and let the Unicode discussions resolve the issue of which values apply to
> specific codepoints.

Agreed, I was thinking the same. Since we don't take snapshot any longer, we don't need simple versions.

> Taro Yamamoto from Adobe, who attended the F2F in Kyoto last year, has posted a
> very lucid document concerning MVO values.  I think it reflects nicely some of the
> concerns of the Japanese typographic
> community:

> UTR50 forum posting:

Yeah, a few in Japan agree with him, and I reported that before to the UTC. Now he wrote by himself, it's good. I don't agree with his opinion, but it's a UTC issue, not a CSS issue, right?


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