Re: [css3-images] paint sources

On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 10:31 AM, L. David Baron <> wrote:
> (Overview.html revision 1.269) says the following:
>  # Host languages may define that some elements provide a paint
>  # source. Paint sources have an intrinsic width, height, and
>  # appearance, separate from the process of rendering, and so may
>  # be used as images even when they're not being rendered. Examples
>  # of elements that provide paint sources are the <linearGradient>,
>  # <radialGradient>, and <pattern> elements in SVG, or the <img>,
>  # <video>, and <canvas> elements in HTML.
> Given that the SVG and HTML specifications don't currently define
> that these elements provide a paint source, I think *this*
> specification should define that they provide a paint source, and
> define how they do.  It can still allow other languages to add
> defintions, and future levels of HTML and SVG to revise theirs.

HTML defines that <img>, <video>, and <canvas> provide paint sources
(go to the section for each element, and search for "paint source").

SVG uses the term "paint source" already, though I probably should go
ahead and define how the coordinate systems map - I plan to match what
roc already did.


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