Re: [css-variables] How to spec the OM for vars?

On 8/23/12 9:57 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> On 8/23/12 6:33 PM, Glenn Adams wrote:
>> My current thinking is to *only* define getter/setter and have it cover
>> the existing CSS2Properties etc rather than define new partial
>> interfaces ad infinitum.
> As I said in my reply to Tab, I'm somewhat opposed to that.
> Note also that if you do it that way page script won't be able to hook
> the getters and setters for CSS properties, which is also not that great.

And another problem: the change would not be backwards-compatible.  If 
you moved the existing attributes to a "getter" setup and a web page had 

   Object.prototype.display = 5;

then suddenly .style.display would stop working, whereas right now it 
works in that situation in all browsers.

I, personally, am not willing to take web compat risks like that in 
Gecko, especially when I don't see much of an upside.


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