[cssom] serialize a CSS declaration block

I've taken a stab at specifying [1] the top-level algorithm for serializing
a CSS declaration block, i.e., at what is returned by
CSSStyleDeclaration.cssText. The way I have approached it is to tie the
result to the the process of enumerating item() and invoking
getPropertyValue() for each item. IMO, this seems the most logically
correct approach [in the sense that item() should return the name of every
property (and only those properties) returned in the serialization via

I've also encoded the delimiter and whitspace rules that seem to be most
common; namely, that each declaration except the last is followed by "; "
and the last is followed by ";" (with no extra whitespace).

Comments please!


Received on Tuesday, 21 August 2012 03:58:56 UTC