Re: [css3-gcpm] bookmark-label: keyword definitions and whitespace processing

Le 18/08/2012 00:21, Håkon Wium Lie a écrit :
>   > You mention below that h1..h6 get a bookmark-label value in the HTML UA
>   > stylesheet. I think it’s hard to generate a bookmark if bookmark-level
>   > is none. Where would you put it in a PDF outline tree, for example?
> It could be level 1. (In which case we might as well make the initial
> value 1 instead of none.)
> Or we could say that, in order for a bookmark to be generated, both
> 'bookmark-level' and 'bookmark-label' must be different from 'none'.
> This will allow UAs and authors to use any switch they want, no?

Yes, "generate a bookmark iff both are different from none" would be 
fine. Other variants could work too but my initial point was that the 
spec should say which combinations of value generate a bookmark or not.

> I could see the value of 'white-space' change for effect in the
> document without wanting a similars effect in the outline (where space
> is more precious). So, I suggest adding this to the definition of <content-list>:
>    The textual content is processed as if 'white-space: normal' had been set.


>   > >   > The bookmark "target" is a single point. We picked the before-start
>   > >   > corner (top-left in horizontal-tb ltr) of the margin edge of the first
>   > >   > box/fragment generated by the element.
> What do you suggest the spec should say? (if anything)

It could say something similar to the HTML5 spec for internal 
hyperlinks, or just reference it directly.
> When the user agent is required to scroll to the fragment identifier,
> it must either change the scrolling position of the document using
> the scroll an element into view algorithm defined in the CSSOM View
> specification, with the align to top flag set, or perform some other
> action, such that the indicated part of the document is brought to
> the user's attention. If there is no indicated part, or if the
> indicated part is not being rendered, then the user agent must not
> scroll anywhere. [CSSOMVIEW]

This, in turn, references CSSOM View:

(There may not be an ID on a bookmark target, so the wording may need to 
be tweaked a little.)

Also, the Value line of bookmark-label is now:
     [ <content-list> ]+ | none

<content-list> is already a list, so the + repeater is not needed:
     <content-list> | none

Simon Sapin

Received on Monday, 20 August 2012 12:10:39 UTC