Re: [CSS21] Suggestion for Introduction of new display types

2012.08.01. 18:02 keltezéssel, Tab Atkins Jr. írta:
> On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 8:42 AM, Ferenc Vajda <> wrote:
>> I would like to make a suggestion to introduce a new box formatting
>> model defining two values for 'display' property:
>>     container, container-inline
>> Both would be rendered as if they were block/block-inline types, the
>> only difference would be the behavior of vertical-align. The behavior
>> for this latter is similar to that of table-cell.
>> I know that there are suggestions for a solution, but I would prefer
>> this solution to e.g. the margin-box model, because this behavior is
>> more like a "box-display" (e.g. table-cell), than a box-sizing or such.
>> A display:container could work on body, as well, resulting in a
>> dynamically changeable window-size box.
>> Since table-cell implements this rendering, sharing with the new types
>> could not be a hard issue for browser developers.
> Hi!
> We're actually fixing this use-case (easy centering/alignment of block
> content) via a different method, by taking the generic alignment
> methods that Flexbox defines and extending them to Block.  Check out
> for details on our approach.
> So, rather than using "vertical-align", you'll use "align-content".
> ~TJ


Thanks, this looks great. This solution covers much more issues. Great work.

However, I would still propose a more rapid solution, because Internet 
Explorer follows new features very slowly (and this one is even more 
complicated). Some browsers will support it in some months, but 
developers won't use it.

Extending current features (without breaking principles) could be a 
quicker solution. And years later "CSS Box Alignment Module Level 3" 
could serve community with much more  possibilities.

I think, aligning vertically is an old and urgent issue...

Ferenc Vajda

Received on Thursday, 2 August 2012 05:59:42 UTC