Re: [css3-text] comments on text-transform

fantasai wrote (when not hanging out at airports):

> > I would suggest the edit below.
> >
> > Current spec wording:
> >
> >> If (and only if) the content language of the element is known,
> >> then any applicable language-specific rules must be used as well.
> >> (See SpecialCasing.txt)
> >
> > New wording:
> >
> >> User agents must also apply language specific casing rules as
> >> defined in Unicode (see SpecialCasing.txt).
> >
> > The only addition here would be to allow for improvements beyond just
> > what's contained in SpecialCasing.txt, based on last week's resolution.
> The element's language can be unknown, so that's why there's an "if
> and only if the content language of the element is known". As for
> whether the content language of the element is known or what that
> language might be, the document language has to define that. The
> point is, the UA shouldn't apply random language-specific mappings
> if the element's language isn't known, and nobody should be
> interpreting the SpecialCasing requirement as "the UA must do
> linguistic detection for untagged content in order to perform
> text-transform per spec".

Ok, that's a better explanation than the spec has.  But I still think
the requirement to use at least SpecialCasing.txt needs to be clearer.

New wording, v2:

  If and only if the content language of the element is known,
  according to the rules of the document language such as those for
  HTML, then language-specific rules must also be applied.  These
  minimally include, but are not limited to, the rules in Unicode's
  SpecialCasing.txt [ref].



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