Re: [css3-text] comments on text-transform

On Tue, 13 Sep 2011 10:25:01 +0900, John Daggett <>  

> 4. Drop 'full-size-kana' and remove Appendix F
> While this transformation might be useful to some, without a strong
> general use case I think we shouldn't have very special use case
> values like this.  If it's really important, define it as a simple
> mechanism that allows arbitrary text transforms:
> Example:
> @text-transform vowelcaps {
>   from: "aeiou";
>   to:   "AEIOU";
> }
> h4.articleheader { text-transform: custom(vowelcaps); }

I support with this proposal. Opera made a similar suggestion at the Kyoto  
F2F, also with the intent of having it replace very specialized values  
such as full-size-kana.

The very few people who actually want full-size-kana can then trivially  
redefine it themselves.

@text-transform full-size-kana {
   from: "ゃゅょぁぃぅぇぉっャュョァィゥェォッ";
   to:   "やゆよあいうえおつヤユヨアイウエオツ";

This simple yet very generic approach would address two classes of uses  

1) use cases too rare to unanimously convince the WG (ex: full-size-kana,  

2) uses cases that are hard or impossible to solve in the general case,  
but may be solvable in special narrower cases. The WG can't spec out the  
general case, but individual authors may be able to, depending on their  
situation. (example: accent removal)

  - Florian

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