[css3-text] updated WD of CSS Text

The CSS WG published a new draft of "CSS Text Level 3":


This module of CSS defines properties for text manipulation, such as: 
line breaking, justification and alignment, white space handling, text 
decoration and text transformation.

Compared to the previous draft, major changes include:

  - Renamed ‘bikeshedding’ to ‘text-space-collapse’.
  - Removed ‘hyphenate-resource’ property / ‘@hyphenate-resource’ rule.
  - Merged ‘text-trim’ and ‘text-autospace’ into ‘text-spacing’.
  - Renamed ‘fullwidth’ and ‘fullsize-kana’ to ‘full-width’ and
    ‘full-size-kana’ to match values in ‘font-variant-width’. [CSS3FONT] 
  - Added ‘<length>’ values to ‘tab-size’ (at-risk).
  - Removed ‘all’ value of ‘hyphens’ property.
  - Renamed ‘word-wrap’ to ‘overflow-wrap’.
  - Changed ‘text-decoration-line’ value syntax for canceling ancestor
    text decorations.
  - Removed suggestion to inset decorations from the content box edges
    in favor of an explicit ‘edges’ value for ‘text-decoration-skip’.
  - Added ‘text-decoration-skip’ property.
  - Removed ‘text-outline’ property.

Please, send any comment to this mailing list, <www-style@w3.org> and 
start the Subject line of the e-mail message with


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