[css3-writing-modes] updated WD of CSS Writing Modes

The CSS WG published a new working draft of "CSS Writing Modes Module 
Level 3":


It contains CSS features to support various international writing modes, 
such as left-to-right (e.g. Latin or Indic), right-to-left (e.g. Hebrew 
or Arabic), bidirectional (e.g. mixed Latin and Arabic) and vertical 
(e.g. Asian scripts).

Major changes since the previous draft include: 

  - Redefined which side of a bidi-broken box's border is drawn.
  - Altered the allowed combinations of ‘unicode-bidi’ values and
    defined ‘plaintext’ to use heuristics for inline elements as well.
  - Renamed ‘vertical-right’ value of ‘text-orientation’ to
  - Renamed ‘rotate’ values of ‘text-orientation’ to ‘sideways’.
  - Renamed ‘auto’ value of ‘text-orientation’ to
    ‘use-glyph-orientation’ and marked it at-risk.
  - Tweaked rules for vertical typesetting to remove references to vrt2
    feature, fix various errors and omissions in synthesis rules, etc.
  - Renamed ‘text-combine’ property to ‘text-combine-horizontal’ and
    added ability to auto-combine by character classes.
  - Added ‘text-combine-mode’ property to control scaling method used to
    compose horizontal-in-vertical text.
  - Added appendix on Characters and Properties.

As always, this mailing list, <www-style@w3.org>, is the preferred place 
for comments. If you send e-mail, please start the subject line with


as I did on this message. Some issues that we know about are already 
noted in the draft itself (marked with "Issue" and in red). Feedback on 
those is especially welcome.

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