RE: [css3-images] radial-gradient issue raised by Brad

Brad Kemper:
> So your solution to this common case it to add auto sizing for height, but ignore
> the similar problem of having a corner-centered circular radial-gradient that fills
> the background height with the gradient line, regardless of width.

Huh?  The offered syntax allowed for auto sizing in width as well as height.

The way to do that in the offered syntax would be...
 background-image: radial-gradient(0 0, auto 100%, yellow, red 99.7%, black 99.7%);

The offered syntax is included again below for reference.  I say offered instead of proposed, because I'm not proposing we adopt it -- just offering it as an example of how the use case could be supported.

<radial-gradient> = radial-gradient(
                                [<shape> || <size>]
                                [ <length> | <percentage> | auto ]{1,2}
                <color-stop>[, <color-stop>]+

Received on Tuesday, 11 October 2011 22:26:02 UTC