Re: [CSS21] [css3-page] page-break collapsing

On 11/30/2011 02:22 AM, Simon Sapin wrote:
> Le 29/11/2011 17:45, fantasai a écrit :
>> At TPAC we resolved to clarify CSS2.1 to say that the 'page-break-before' and
>> 'page-break-after' properties don't create a break if you're at the top of the
>> page, where at the top of the page means no content has been placed, with
>> borders not counting as content but empty zero-height blocks counting as content.
> Do anonymous blocks containing only collapsible whitespace count as content too?

No, because they don't exist.

> Example document fragment:
> <div style="white-space: normal">
> <p>Something</p>
> <p>Something else</p>
> </div>
> It is my understanding of sections 9.2, 9.4.1 and 16.6.1 of CSS 2.1 that white-space between blocks ends up in a zero-height
> anonymous block:
> The white-space is text and thus generates an anonymous inline box.

You missed this part:
   # White space content that would subsequently be collapsed away according
   # to the 'white-space' property does not generate any anonymous inline boxes.


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