Re: [css3-3d-transforms] rotations, changes needed...

On Saturday 2011-11-26 10:11 +0100, Daniel Glazman wrote:
> Le 25/11/11 20:46, L. David Baron a Γ©crit :
> >Does anything define what it means to be clockwise around an axis?
> >Clockwise and counterclockwise make sense in terms of a plane and an
> >observer on one side of that plane, but I don't know what they mean
> >in terms of an axis.  Can we use the right-hand rule instead?  Or
> >can we define that the relevant axis points from the plane to the
> >observer or vice-versa?
> The latter. Defining ckw rotation around an axis is trivial: place an
> observer on a plane orthogonal to that axis, looking towards positive
> axis values; then rotate the plan clockwise for the observer around the
> axis.

See, if I'd have had to make up a definition, I'd have had the
observer looking *from* positive axis values, which would yield the
opposite results.  That's why I don't like using the term, and
definitely don't like using it without defining it.


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