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Yehuda Katz
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On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 2:32 PM, Boris Zbarsky <> wrote:

> On 11/19/11 5:22 AM, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
>> Google's Alex Russell just posted on this topic:
>> rousing-success/<>
> With all due respect, Alex's viewpoint is colored by the fact that most of
> his experience seems to be centered around a UA that, whether accidentally
> or on purpose, is actively using vendor prefixes to encourage UA lock-in
> and lack of interoperability.  Which means that the harm those practices
> cause to the web, to users, and to other UAs is less visible to him.

I read through his post twice, and I honestly don't see his opinion as
being primarily colored by that. Instead, he is representing a position
that I believe most authors would have: that having more features, in time
to use and provide feedback, is better than having fewer features being
debated in an ivory tower.

At the end of the day, real usage of raw features allows for faster
iteration and concern elimination than all the deep thinking in the world.

> -Boris

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