Re: Unprefixing CSS properties

On 11/17/11 12:15 PM, Brian Manthos wrote:
>>> At least for LOB sites.  For hobbyist and exploratory stuff (, different rules apply.
>> It's quite common for what you call "LOB" sites to use all sorts of
>> prefixed stuff right now; it's even commonly used incorrectly.  Again,
>> pretending that this doesn't happen is just setting us up to fail.
> I don't think anyone's saying it doesn't happen.  What (at least) I am saying is that previous incarnations *forced* people to apply such hacks.  My understanding is that we're trying to move the technology to the point where such hacks are not required; transitioning of the content of the web forward in the same way will take time, no doubt.

I'm talking about very recent content that has already "transitioned 
forward" as far as that goes.

I believe the point is that experience with content authored in the last 
year or two shows that the current setup is failing in some ways, and we 
would like to address such ways.

>> I agree that we need a distinction between "ready" and "not ready".  I'm
>> not convinced that our current method of drawing this distinction is
>> reasonable.
> Propose an alternative for the WG to refine and consider.

That's exactly what Robert did.


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