Re: New CSS rule suggestion

On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 17:24:57 +0100, Shane <> wrote:

> I have a suggestion for a background text watermark rule. Although it is
> achievable with an image or a fair amount of HTML and CSS use, it is far
> more practical to be able to put in place a simple rule rather than
> going to all the extra effort to achieve the same goal.
> Syntax in my mind would be something like this:
> watermark: text, font, font-size, x-position, y-position, color;
> Through the use of this rule, a developer may cut down on resources used
> on the page, and/or code. This will noticeably speed up load time if
> used extensively, but more importantly will speed up development time,
> spending less time on creating these images or fiddling with new
> elements and rules to get a 'watermark' on an element.

I this should be fairly easy to implement, but might not be all that  

Watermarks are usually used so that when the image is taken out of  
context, it
is still possible to identify where it is coming from. That, or to make  
that the image cannot cleanly be reused without approval, as the watermark
would make it obvious that it was being misused.

Making the watermark in CSS instead of putting it in the image would make  
useless in these two use cases.

Do you have another use case in mind for watermarks, that doesn't suffer  
the watermark not being there when you look at the image out of context?

  - Florian

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