[css3-flexbox] New WD for Flexible Box Layout

Between the final-final issues for CSS level 2, the CSS Working Group 
has found just enough time to publish an update of two working drafts. 
One of them is the Flexible Box Layout Module:


Many things changed in this new WD, and many new things are marked as 
issues on which the WG would like feedback. Several box-* properties 
were renamed to flex-* and the flexibility of boxes is no longer 
expressed as a separate property, but with a flex() notation. That 
notation can be used on several different other properties and it allows 
to distinguish the flexibility to grow from the flexibility to shrink.

Some of the flexibility algorithms and syntax can probably be used later 
in tables and grids as well.

The WG welcomes feedback. As usual, please send comments to this mailing 
list, <www-style@w3.org>, and please start the subject line with the 
short name of the draft in square brackets, as I did on this message.

For the CSS WG,
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