Re: [CSS21] WG process - next steps for CSS21?

On Mar 2, 2011, at 3:57 PM, fantasai wrote:

> On 03/02/2011 03:22 PM, Anton Prowse wrote:
>>> 204 - NEEDS PROPOSAL. I suggest we move to Errata.
>> (etc)
>> Please could the WG state what the anticipated next steps are for this spec!
>> There are *lots* of issues which were raised when the spec was CR that haven't
>> been filed on the issues list, and lots more which were raised before the
>> deadline for comments when the spec went back to Last Call which also have not
>> been filed yet (at least, not publicly filed).
> I don't represent the WG in this message, but I believe the plan is to address
> all open issues at the F2F next week. I plan to work on filing the remaining
> issues this week/end in preparation for this starting tomorrow morning (or late
> today, if I get to it).

Ok, I _do_ represent the WG in this message.

Our stated plan at this point is to prepare CSS2.1 for PR at our F2F next week. 

This means:
1) address all open issues.
2) find a way to get past all of our remaining blocked tests (either get 2 passing implementations or change the spec to allow removing or modifying the test).
3) get the final edits into the spec.
4) request a transition to PR and put CSS 2.1 behind us. 

After that we'll work on an errata for CSS 2.1 which will be updated/published as needed, but CSS 2.1 will be otherwise closed. We'll also re-open the CSS2.1 test suite to new submissions after it goes to REC, we intend the test suite to be a living thing (we'll keep a snapshot of what got us to REC).

The issues list we're paying attention to is at:

If there are issues that you know about that aren't on that list, please let us know ASAP (and not a simple statement, like "I know of more issues", give us concrete pointers) so we can have the list up to date before our F2F.

CSS 2.1 has been in the pipeline for far too long, many other specs normatively depend on it and it needs to be a REC to unblock progress in other areas. 

At this point, we're going to be _extremely_ draconian about deferring any and all issues that can possibly be deferred. Please help us make this very important milestone by understanding our efforts and reasons for doing so. It is not our intention to ignore any issues or people's feedback, we'll simply move the issue to the 2.1 errata or a CSS3 module and deal with it later. 


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