Re: css3-fonts: should not dictate usage policy with respect to origin

* Sylvain Galineau wrote:
>First, your new tool can load the content as long as the server says it is 
>OK for it to do so using the proper header; which it may already do if the 
>Content it consumes is also served to other UAs; or may entirely be in your
>control if the solution is entirely custom. Second, if compatibility is
>far more important for your scenario than conformance then by all means, 
>stay compatible.

Well, on this list we discuss what future specifications should require;
that some have the option to ignore specific requirements is no argument
in such discussions, as that does not affect what should be required. It
is kinda the idea with standardization that you choose the requirements
very carefully, so you can actually rely on what's required.

Like I said, these discussions tend to be a complete waste of resources.
The Working Group has essentially been asked to make it possible to con-
form to the css3-fonts module without implementing any cross-origin re-
quirements. The Working Group can either do this, or it will have to ex-
plain why it's best if the specification does have the requirements, and
have them apply to any and all implementations, despite dissent, despite
the common practise to not conflate technologies and such policies.

Whether that is "We promised the font vendors to have this" or "HTML5
has all sorts of such requirements, so we can we" or whatever else you
have in mind I do not know, but you are doing a very terrible job at
communicating the reasoning behind having this requirement for any and
all implementations.
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