Re: SVG Fonts inside of OpenType fonts? [Cross-post from]

Adam Twardoch:
> In short: since Sairus Patel has already done the work of proposing a
> table format for SVG glyph definitions inside of SFNT, I support it.

In Sairus’ proposal, it says:

  Each glyph definition is a self-contained SVG (TODO: specify more

This TODO is important for evaluating the proposal.  Are these glyphs
all placed within the same SVG resource document, or are they completely

I think there is a distinct advantage to considering them all to be part
of the one document (so I think it may be more convenient simply to
embed that document as a whole, rather than just individual <glyph>
elements), and that advantage is to be able to reuse definitions common
across glyphs, such as gradients, patterns, content referenced via
<use>, etc.  If all glyphs in your font use the same gradient or
pattern, then it would better if they did not have to be duplicated in
every glyph.

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 22:03:47 UTC