RE: [css3-images] linear-gradient keywords and angles are opposite

I'm confused, Simon.

(a) You originally said:
>>> linear-gradient(left, black, white)
> It comes as the first parameter, so logically associates with the
> start of the gradient. Similarly, in the declaration it comes next
> to the first color stop, so mentally will be associated with that stop.

To which I said:
> linear-gradient(0deg, black, white);
> Does it also hurt your brain that black is not used at the 0deg side
> of the coordinate system?

And now fantasai says:
> I'm taking an angle as a direction to move in, not as a
> start point.

To which you replied:
> Agreed. I don't get the same cognitive dissonance with the angle
> variant.

So which is it?  Do you think of it as a start position or a direction to move in?

If the former (a), then my follow-up case should have the same cognitive dissonance.

If the latter (b), then it's a totally different thing to which I again think you're both wrong but for a different reason.  Treating that parameter as "a direction to move in" that means "left to right" but associated such a single markup string "left" seems utterly bizarre to me.

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