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On 3 Jun 2011, at 01:40, fantasai wrote:

> On 06/03/2011 07:52 AM, Andrew Thompson wrote:
>> Indeed you are correct and I have reading comprehension issues :)  
>> But in that case the spec makes no sense to me. If a
>> document is written in Spanish but my user agent preferences happen  
>> to say I am primarily an English speaker would I really
>> want 1 pronounced 'one' rather than 'uno' in the middle of an  
>> otherwise exclusively Spanish document?
>> In most synthesizers switching the language implies switching to a  
>> different voice, which is jarring (think font substitution
>> but much worse) and potentially very expensive in memory and time.
>> Surely the spec should say either 'in the element's language' or  
>> 'with the synthesizer's current settings' (meaning withe the
>> current voice and settings in effect for the list)?
>> I take your point documents are often poorly marked up with lang  
>> attributes, but if a speech synthesizer has failed to
>> determine the correct language for an element then generally  
>> speaking the entire output will be unintelligible anyway so
>> counters would be the least of your problems.
> Yes, I agree the counter should be read in the element's language,
> not the OS language.
> ~fantasai

Daniel Weck

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